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Infinitely Customizable Row Lengths

Produce tables are built using modular 48” or 30” sections that can be combined to make rows in nearly any length – from 7.5ft to over 100ft long. Customers looking for something smaller or easier to move are encouraged to look at our innovative Market Tables or Orchard Bins.

Built to Last

Our produce display systems are proudly built in North America with high quality materials and expert workmanship. Our tables will last longer than traditional produce displays while maintaining an eye-catching appearance.

16 Million Color Choices

Our team is able to match over 16 million distinct colors, allowing customers to uniquely brand their tables and differentiate their store from the competition. We can enhance your brand by matching your company colors and incorporating them in the display.

Integrated Storage Space

Table designs allow for the option of under-table storage shelfs that can accommodate excess inventory. Produce managers love this feature because it allows them to store more items on the floor, while decreasing their warehouse footprint and increasing the speed at which tabletop stock can be replenished while lowering manual labor time.

Easy to Clean Surface

Table surfaces are made from space-age polymers and offer a smooth, waterproof surface which does not facilitate bacteria like traditional wood stands. Table corners and edges are designed with radii and prevent the build of dirt in hard to reach corners.

Custom Accessories

Our tables easily accommodate custom bag holders, label holders and dividers to suit our customer’s needs. We’re able to process steel, aluminum, wood, plastic or whatever else a customer has in mind, and will help turn their napkin-sketch idea into a functioning product.

Engineered Floorplan Layouts

We offer all customers floorplan layouts to help them maximize their space and visualize their requirements. We work from existing blueprints or will come in and measure an existing space. We can then create a 3D layout to help you visualize our stores appearance.

Display Mobility

Unlike traditional displays, our tables have the option of locking caster wheels which allow you to configure your store display easily. In addition, our Orchard and Market Tables, are lightweight and strong enough to be lifted using a pump truck and moved to a cooler for overnight storage. This will allow you to keep your produce fresh longer without having to set up your displays daily.

Onsite Refreshment

Unlike wooden displays, our tables can be revitalized after years of use to restore a “like new” finish. We also offer customizable protective bumper which can be seamlessly integrated into your display's theme.

Table Variety

We offer a large selection of produce display products thus making us your one-stop-shop for your entire floor. We have Wall tables, Island tables, and Bins, each customizable to meet your retail display needs.


Benefit from our years of experience! LemonTree Products offers no-obligation, free design consultation services to all current and prospective customers. Contact us now to discuss your produce display needs, and possible design solutions to fit your space, and budget.