EURO TABLES: Grocery Store Displays

Our Euro Tables are a perfect solution for flush-to-wall displays in smaller spaces. LemonTree Euro tables have the ability to raise and lower their display surface, perfect for any type of produce. Just as with our Island Tables, they’re fully modular and can be produced in almost any length, from 2.5ft to over 100ft long!

Our Euro Tables have powder coated steel legs, adjustable height shelves and can be equipped with all of the same optional features as our produce display racks. Contact us today to learn more!

  • Modular design can create tables ranging in length from 2.5ft to over 100ft long
  • Table surfaces are easy to clean & disinfect
  • Our durable finish is ideal for use indoors or outside
  • Available in 30″ standard depth
  • Tables come pre-configured to accept our optional steel bag holders
  • Tables come with adjustable leveling feet
  • Available in over 16 million custom colors! We can match any sample or paint code to match your brand or theme
  • Rubber edge bumper to help protect your investment from damage. Rubber bumpers are available in both standard and custom colors
  • We offer a variety of standard and custom label-holding solutions
  • Steel Bag holders
  • Clear plastic dividers
  • Table surface liners
  • Optional caster wheels on “Classic” styles
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Benefit from our years of experience! LemonTree Products offers no-obligation, free design consultation services to all current and prospective customers. Give us a call so we can discuss your produce display needs and potential design solutions to fit your space and budget. Whether you have a store layout or want to update your produce section, we can help!

Fruit & Vegetable Euro Tables FAQ

Are LemonTree Products Euro Tables Easy to Clean?

One of the best features of LemonTree Products Euro tables is that they are easy to clean. Our Euro tables are made from aerospace-grade materials which provide a smooth, waterproof surface that eliminates the ability for mould and bacteria to grow. Our tables are simple to clean and sanitize which makes them a practical choice for any space.

How Many Colour Options Are Available?

The colors of your brand are a part of your identity. Having the right color of table in your store can shape the customer experience. We can capture the distinct color of your brand by matching your color with one of the 16 million color options we have to choose from. We have endless choices when it comes to colors.

What Sizes Do Euro Tables Come In?

Our Euro tables are ideal for spaces where you wish to have displays that are flush to the walls. As our tables are fully modular, they can be produced at almost any length. From 2.5ft to over 100ft, we can produce a table that suits your unique needs.

Can I Combine Euro Bins with Other Table Styles?

LemonTree Products manufacturers produce Euro tables that suit any space. We provide our customers with free design consultation services to help you develop a design solution that uniquely suits your space. Our Euro tables can be used on their own or in combination with other styles of displays such as orchard bins to ensure your specific needs are met.

Do You Offer Accessories for Euro Tables?

LemonTree Products Euro tables come pre-configured to accept our optional steel bag holders. We also offer a variety of upgrades including rubber edge bumpers, clear plastic dividers, table surface liners and caster wheels.