Supermarket & Grocery Store Produce Display Solutions

LemonTree Products is a leading manufacturer of grocery store fixtures. We design and deliver high quality produce display tables which enhance the appearance of your grocery store while reinforcing your brand identity.

We serve clients across North America, from coast to coast to coast. Our experience ensures that we can meet your stores produce display needs.

LemonTree Island Table and Produce Display Stand

Island Tables are the perfect modular solution, designed to be infinitely customizable and flexible. Learn more.

LemonTree Hybrid Table and Produce Displays

Hybrid Island Tables offer beautiful end caps with functional storage on steel shelves. Learn more.

LemonTree Classic Market Table and Produce Displays

Market Tables offer an attractive, high capacity solution to the ever-changing needs of your produce department. Learn more.

LemonTree Contemporary Market Table and Produce Displays

Contemporary Market Tables offer an attractive, high capacity solution to the ever-changing needs of your produce department. Learn more.

LemonTree Orchard Bin

Orchard Bins are designed to be the most versatile, the strongest and most beautiful produce display on the market. Learn more.

LemonTree Square Table and Produce Displays

Designed as the big brother of our Market Tables, Square Tables create large flat surfaces for maximum display space. Learn more.

LemonTree Wall Table and Produce Displays

Wall Tables are the perfect solution for ‘flush-to-wall’ displays in smaller spaces, or outside your grocery store. Learn more.

LemonTree Euro Table and Produce Display

Euro Tables are fully modular, with an angled display surface that can be adjusted to whatever angle you need. Learn more.

Produce Display Accessories

All LemonTree Tables are designed to accomodate our custom line of accessories for all your produce needs. Learn more.

LemonTree Features

LemonTree Supermarket and Grocery Produce Display Colors



Whether you have a full floorplan from an architect, or a pen sketch on a napkin, we work with you to design a floorplan for your store that uses LemonTree tables to get you the best results for your store. Send us any layout for your store and our in-house designers will work with our engineers to get the best results for your store.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Produce Tables

At LemonTree Products, we are dedicated to manufacturing grocery store produce displays that uniquely suit your needs. Our products are modular which allows them to be configured in a way that suits any space. Your customization options are limitless, and we will work with you to enhance the appearance of your grocery store.

When it comes to your brand, colors are a defining factor. To reinforce your brand identity, you’ll want produce displays and orchard bins that match or compliment your brand. We are capable of custom matching up to 16 million colours and are sure to have whichever colour you desire.

When it comes to food safety, having clean surfaces is essential. Our produce department displays are made from aerospace-grade materials offering you a smooth, waterproof surface that does not allow for the growth of bacteria or mould. Our produce tables are easy to clean and ideal for any type of produce.

When you want the best results for your store, you will want to ensure that no detail is left behind. We would be pleased to have our in-house designers and engineers work with you to create solutions for your store that provide exceptional results. Whether you have a full floor plan or just an idea, we will help you achieve your goal.

We ship worldwide and would be pleased to meet your needs no matter the size of your project or geographical location. We are your perfect partner for your display needs and look forward to providing you with the solutions you require.

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Benefit from our years of experience! LemonTree Products offers no-obligation, free design consultation services to all current and prospective customers. Give us a call so we can discuss your produce display needs and potential design solutions to fit your space and budget. Whether you have a store layout or want to update your produce section, we can help!