Table Service - LemonTree Products


LemonTree display systems will last many years on your store floors. But even with regular care and cleaning, the tables will eventually show natural wear and tear brought on by typical stocking stresses and demands, as well as daily customer usage. Fortunately, the LT Table Service Team can breathe new life into those tables that are starting to show their age.

Scratches, scrapes and surface gouges which can accumulate over time, are either significantly minimized or completely eliminated by our refurbishing process. Even loose joints and minor repairs can be remedied by our expert team, giving your tables a new lease on life. And once complete, your displays will remain functional and looking practically brand new for many more years to come.

To get started, send us an email with a few photos giving us an idea as to what's required. Or to schedule an onsite service call, please contact us directly at: 1.800.879.0134


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