LemonTree Island Tables are the perfect modular solution to the ever-changing demands of your growing store. Designed from the ground up to be flexible and infinitely customizable, we have an Island Table for your needs!

By combing inner sections of 2.5ft and 4ft lengths, with 2.5ft end sections, we’re able to quickly and easily create a unique display solution to fit within any store footprint. Along with flexible lengths, and three width-options, our rows offer the most under-table storage in the business. They’re easy to clean, strong enough to withstand years of daily use, and available.


LemonTree Market Tables offer an attractive, high capacity solution to the ever-changing needs of your produce department. They come in a variety of sizes, are easy to clean and provide a unique aesthetic not available from traditional wooden tables. Additionally, our Market Tables are for indoor / outdoor use, and are great for ice displays too!

There are two primary styles of Market Table – “Classic” and “Contemporary”. Classic tables have steel legs and a full lower shelf, whereas Contemporary tables have a full composite frame with no lower storage. Mix and match these styles to fit your merchandising needs or desired aesthetic.


LemonTree Orchard Bins were designed to be the most versatile produce displays available! Customers asked for a square produce bin that was more attractive, easier to move, stronger and more durable than the competitors - this is our answer to that challenge, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Sized at 40”(L) x 40”(H) x 36” (H), our bins are a perfect size for stores both small and large. Contact us to learn more about how our Orchard Bins can help accelerate your produce sales!


Designed as a larger alternative to our Orchard Bins or Sales Tables, our Classic Square Table is comprised of 2 Island Table “end sections” to create large flat displays that are 60” x 60” in size, with steel legs and full shelving for maximum on-the-floor storage.

We can also combine our other style of end tops to create tables that are 70” x 60” and 50” x 60”. Contact us today to learn more about how Classic Square Tables can go to work in your store.


Our Classic Wall Tables are a perfect solution for flush-to-wall displays in smaller spaces. They’re basically full-size Island Tables cut in half, and are designed to fit against walls, shelves or other flat surfaces. Just as with our Island Tables, they’re fully modular and can be produced in almost any length, from 2.5ft to over 100ft long!

Our Classic Wall Tables have powdercoated steel legs, adjustable height shelves and can be equipped with all of the same optional features as our regular tables. Contact us today to learn more!


Benefit from our years of experience! LemonTree Products offers no-obligation, free design consultation services to all current and prospective customers. Contact us now to discuss your produce display needs, and possible design solutions to fit your space, and budget.