Watermelon Display Ideas & Watermelon Display Tables for Sale

Watermelon Orchard Bin Displays - Winco
Watermelon Orchard Bin Displays – Winco

For many, nothing is a more significant signal that summer is here than in-season watermelons for sale at the grocery store. Though nearly everyone enjoys watermelon, this delightful fruit can sometimes be less than delightful to display in your store. Due to the size of some watermelon types, finding the right watermelon displays can be a challenge. Thankfully, there are practical solutions to help your customer’s favourite melon become irresistible.

At LemonTree Products, we are a leading manufacturer of produce display tables and know just how impactful the right produce displays can be when looking to feature produce in your store. In this post, we help you solve the challenge of displaying watermelon in your store by offering watermelon display ideas that work.

Watermelon Display Ideas for Your Produce Department

Watermelon isn’t just delicious, it’s also vibrant and beautiful too. When it comes to finding the best way to highlight watermelon within your store, leaning into the fruits natural beauty is a great way to start. Consider selling cut watermelon to both highlight the beautiful pink colour of watermelon while also making it more accessible for those who don’t want an entire melon.

Beyond highlighting the beauty of watermelon itself, you’ll also want to consider cross-merchandising with other products. Cross-merchandising is a great way to boost sales in your store by igniting the interest of your customers. Products such as hot dog buns, freezies, and even smores kits suggest summer fun and are the perfect pairing for watermelon in your produce department. Also, consider sharing creative and delicious recipes that your customers can bring home.

For more information on the importance of cross-merchandising see our post, Cross Merchandising Produce: A Fruitful Approach to Retail Success.

What Watermelon Display Tables Are Best?

If your produce department isn’t easy to shop in, your efforts to display watermelon might go unnoticed. Though it is certainly easier to bring a skid of watermelon directly into your store, leaning down into a bin isn’t easy or accessible for many customers. For this reason, a watermelon table should be a priority in your store.

Finding the right watermelon display table is easy when you choose produce display stands from LemonTree Products. We are pleased to offer a variety of options that suit the needs of your store perfectly. From orchard bins to produce display tables, our produce displays make your store easier to shop while highlighting the natural beauty of your produce. With a modular design, our produce display systems can work in stores of all sizes while offering practical features such as built-in storage and options for produce dividers.

If you are looking to transform your produce department and make it the preferred choice of your customers, LemonTree Products can help. Contact us today to book your complimentary design consultation and discover just how impactful our high-quality produce displays can be. We look forward to helping you improve your grocery store.