If you are interested in becoming the owner of an independently owned and operated grocery store, you likely have many questions about the process of starting one. In many instances, those looking to own a grocery store will look for space in existing buildings. However, some prospective grocery store owners, or those looking to expand to multiple stores, wonder how long does it take to build a grocery store?

At LemonTree Products, we have helped countless independent grocery store owners transform their stores into beautiful spaces that draw in customers. Our produce display island tables and other displays are just one piece of the puzzle needed to start your store, and there are many other factors to consider when building a grocery store. In this post, we detail startup considerations as you look into building your store including how you can optimize your store for success from the start.

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How Can Grocery Stores Be Put into Existing Buildings?

When possible, renting a commercial building that is already set up as a grocery store will be your best option for saving both money and time. However, this is not always an option as commercial space can be limited in supply and you may have to renovate an existing space to suit your needs. Grocery stores can be built into commercial spaces that the landlord and municipality will allow. Installation of essentials such as POS systems, checkout lanes, refrigeration units and freezers are essential for grocery stores that intend to sell a wide range of products. You’ll also need to keep in mind other startup essentials you will need such as produce displays and other shelving systems. Our previous post How to Display Produce in a Grocery Store can be helpful when considering how to set up your store.

Should I Build a New Store or Look to An Existing Location?

Building a new grocery store from the ground up is a rewarding venture but there is no denying that it will be costly for independent grocery store owners. If you have the ability to design and build a grocery store that matches your precise vision, it could be an excellent choice that will allow you to cater to your desired customer from the start. Many grocery store owners may gravitate toward existing commercial spaces due to it being a less involved option. Whichever route is right for you, there will be many startup costs along the way. Be mindful of making smart decisions that stretch your budget further and amplify the success of your store.

How Long Does It Take to Start a Grocery Store?

Building a grocery store or renovating a commercial space can take a long time. It could take around 6 months for a store to be ready for operation depending on what you need to do to open your store. Remember that hiring and training employees is another aspect of starting a grocery store that takes time. Consulting with a project manager before starting your store is a great way to ensure your store opens on time and starts making your money sooner.

What Can I Do to Make My Store Stand Out?

Opening a grocery store comes with many startup costs and it is important to find ways to draw in customers quickly and establish your store as the place to be. One of the best ways to invite customers to come to your store, and shop for longer, is to have a welcoming and easy-to-shop produce department. By choosing quality produce displays tables that highlight the beauty of your produce, you can set the tone of your store and improve your customer’s experience. Consider focusing on this one department when you open your store to stand out from your competition.

Opening an independent grocery store is a major project and there are many things to consider. If you are looking for assistance with creating the best possible produce department for your store, the experts at LemonTree Products can help. Book your complimentary design consultation and let us help you create an outstanding produce department that sets your store up for success. Also, see our resources such as How to Boost Sales in The Produce Department for more tips on making your produce department great.