How to Display Produce in a Grocery Store

banana produce table displays with bottom storage in BEST VALUE FOODMART Ontario Corner
banana produce table displays with bottom storage in BEST VALUE FOODMART Corner

If you are a new owner of a grocery store or even a manager of a produce department, you may be wondering how you can better display your produce to increase produce department sales. The produce department is one of the most profitable sections in a grocery store and is often the first chance for your store to make an impression on a customer. For this reason, focusing on making this area of your store the best it can be is essential.

At LemonTree products, we are a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality produce display systems. We understand just how important your produce department is and are always looking for ways to make produce departments better. In this post, we outline some ways in which you can improve your produce department through display helping you to stand out from and compete with large grocery store chains.

Fresh Produce Display Merchandising Tips

Produce departments are often the point of entry for any customer coming to your store. To set the tone of their experience you’re going to want to put effort into your produce department. Below are some grocery store merchandising ideas to help you get started with making your produce department the best part of your store.

Highlight Natural Beauty of Produce – “B grade” produce can be more desirable when it is cleaned up and displayed to highlight its natural beauty. With produce display shelving and orchard bins that showcase your produce optimally, any produce can look great. We recommend focusing on making your produce look appealing by ensuring it is stocked well, clean, and easily accessible to your customers. Highlight in-season produce that customers will naturally gravitate to and make sure to focus on these items. Also, remember that Great lighting can go a long way towards ensuring your produce looks ready to eat and highly desirable.

Get Creative – creativity can help your grocery store to stand out. When looking for a produce merchandising idea consider leaning into colours or produce that compliments each other visually. Take into consideration holidays such as Eid, Chinese New Year, or any other that may be approaching and add meaningful touches that show your customers you care about them. The atmosphere and appearance of your store will help it to stand out from larger corporate stores making your customers more likely to return.

Have Attractive Produce Stands – you might be wondering why produce stands are so important to your store. At LemonTree Products, we know that by having beautiful produce stands that are also functional, you create a lasting impression on your customer. Solidify your brand by choosing produce displays that reinforce your store colours and make your store more attractive. When your customers love your produce department, they will spend more time and money in it. Our previous post, How to Boost Sales in the Produce Department offers additional insight into how your produce displays can make all the difference in your store.

Ensure Customers Can Shop Easily – overcrowded isles that are difficult to maneuver or produce stocked in areas of the store that doesn’t make sense can be confusing to customers. Pair similar types of produces together to make them easier for your customer to find such as fruits with fruits and root vegetables with other root vegetables. The layout of your store is just as important as the produce in it. Always consider how easy it would be for your customer to shop your entire produce department and consider what the natural flow through the department would be.

When it comes to knowing how to display produce in a grocery store, appearance is key. At LemonTree Products we help grocery store owners optimize their produce departments with beautiful and functional fruit and veg produce display tables. Let us show you how you can transform your produce department with beautiful and functional produce display tables by booking your free produce department design consultation today.

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