How to Reduce Produce Shrink

When it comes to operating a grocery store, there are many expenses that can be difficult to predict. One such expense that is troublesome for many store owners is produce shrink. Shrink refers to the loss of inventory or products that go unsold. A produce department is one of the most striking examples of shrink in a grocery store as eventually, all unsold produce will go bad and be impossible to sell, resulting in loss of inventory and income.

At LemonTree Products, we are a leading manufacturer of grocery store fixtures. When working with grocery store owners, we often help them to boost the sales in their produce department and reduce produce shrink. We have extensive experience in creating inviting and optimized product departments that customers actually want to shop in. Below are some of the most important things you should know about produce shrink including how to reduce produce shrink in your grocery store.

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Why Does Produce Shrink Happen?

Produce shrink can happen for a variety of reasons including theft, damage to produce, spoiled produce or simply the produce item not selling well. It is important for grocery store owners to identify the main reasoning behind produce shrink in their stores to rectify the issue. In many cases, a lack of attention to merchandising can be a culprit but the overall ease of shopping in a store can also be a factor in produce shrink.

So how much do grocery stores lose in shrink? The produce shrink average in 2018 was 5.3% which although less than some other areas of your store, can still have a significant impact on your bottom line. It is important to learn how to reduce produce shrink in your store for optimal profits and reduced food waste.

How to Reduce Shrink in a Produce Department?

When it comes to knowing how to reduce shrink in a grocery store, you’re going to want to think about the problem holistically. From proper training of employees to sourcing and managing desirable produce there is much you can do to reduce shrink in your store. Be strategic with ordering an appropriate amount of produce to avoid having too much inventory. Also, ensure that all produce items are stored and rotated appropriately. Reducing produce shrink is a team effort and it will take proper training and education at all levels of your store to best reduce produce shrink.

Can Better Produce Display Tables Reduce Produce Shrink?

When you are trying to determine how to reduce shrink in a produce department you may be wondering about the impact of produce displays on produce shrink. It is true that having an easy to access and inviting produce department can boost your produce department sales. By pairing proper merchandising with the right market tables, orchard bins and wall tables you can significantly improve the appeal of your grocery store and produce department. Additionally, a well-designed and accessible space can make it possible for your customers to spend more time in your produce department.

LemonTree Products would be pleased to show you how you can optimize your grocery store’s produce department. We can assist you with making it more beautiful and accessible while also helping to reduce produce shrink. Book a complimentary design consultation and learn how better fruit and vegetable displays can make a difference in your grocery store.

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