Produce Department Tips and Tricks

Tropical Fruit Tables - Best Value Foodmart
Tropical Fruit Tables – Best Value Foodmart

At LemonTree Products, we are a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality produce display systems. We understand that the appearance of your grocery store is important when it comes to boosting sales in your produce department, though we also know that appearance isn’t everything, A well managed, and access-oriented grocery store that prioritizes its produce department is crucial to your customers and helps to reduce produce shrink too.

In this post, we provide our best produce manager tips to help you optimize your produce department. From learning about how to work faster in produce department for staff to having a better produce department set up for your store, we can provide insight. Ready to improve the appearance and usability of your store? Contact LemonTree Products today for a free design consultation and learn how you can make your produce department stand out.

How to Set Up a Produce Department

When it comes to setting up a produce department there are many aspects that need to be considered. Though adequate produce displays and good lighting are a great starting point, you’ll also need to consider the accessibility of the store, attractiveness of your displays and safe food storage considerations. By ensuring that your produce department is easy to shop and offers appealing produce, your customers will want to spend more time in this area and in turn, may spend more.

By utilizing produce displays such as market tables and orchard bins that enhance the appearance of your store, you can highlight the beauty of your produce and attract the attention of your customer to the produce you wish to promote. Lean into feedback from your customers when it comes to knowing what they wish to see in your store. From there, optimize your store with an accessible layout that includes produce display stands and produce display shelving that reflects the atmosphere you wish to create.

How to Stock Shelves Faster

When your produce department has empty displays or displays with only a small amount of produce in them, they aren’t enticing to your customers. Unstocked produce shelves can make the produce appear as if it has been picked over with only undesirable items left. This means that you will want your staff to learn how to work faster in the produce department to ensure displays are always stocked.

Work with your staff to develop a balance between stocking displays and making room for customers to shop easily. It may be best to frequently check on produce stock levels not only to ensure they are stocked but also to rotate older produce. It can be a challenge to keep produce departments stocked during high traffic times. Always consider the day-to-day expectations of your customers and arrange your grocery store to ensure stocking is a simplified process.

How to Reduce Produce Shrink

When your grocery store is optimized to suit the customers’ needs and is also well managed, you’ll likely be well on the way to reducing produce shrink in your grocery store. Though there are many factors that contribute to produce shrink including damage, spoiled produce and theft, doing what you can to reduce produce shrink can have a major impact. In our previous post How to Reduce Produce Shrink we offer more insight into why produce shrink happens and what you can do to reduce the impact of this common produce department concern.

Whether you are looking to improve the appearance of your grocery store with produce display tables that compliment your branding or want to improve the functionality and accessibility of your grocery store, the experts at LemonTree Products can help. Book your complimentary design consultation and see how we can help design your attractive and functional produce department.

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