Produce Display Tables for Sale in Michigan

At LemonTree Products, we are a leading manufacturer of grocery table displays and fruit tables. We are committed to making your grocery store more functional and inviting with produce display solutions that go beyond storage. We look forward to sharing our passion for the design of produce display tables with you and strive to bring high-quality solutions to your store. With a modular design, our products are customizable to suit any space and make your store stand out.

We are proud to be the manufacturer of produce displays Michigan grocery store owners depend on when looking to enhance the appearance of their stores. Let us help you create produce display shelving and tables that make your store shine. Book a complimentary design consultation and view our product line to see why we are the provider of grocery store produce displays Michigan store owners seek out the most.

Harvest Tables

Island Tables are the perfect modular solution, designed to be infinitely customizable and flexible. Learn more.

Wall Tables

Wall Tables are the perfect solution for 'flush-to-wall' displays in smaller spaces, or outside your grocery store. Learn more.

Market Tables

Market Tables offer an attractive, high capacity solution to the ever-changing needs of your produce department. Learn more.

Euro Tables

Euro Tables are fully modular, with an angled display surface that can be adjusted to whatever angle you need. Learn more.

Orchard Bins

Orchard Bins are designed to be the most versatile, the strongest and most beautiful produce display on the market. Learn more.

Square Tables

Designed as the big brother of our Market Tables, Square Tables create large flat surfaces for maximum display space. Learn more.

Why Michigan Grocery Store Owners Choose Us


The state of Michigan may be best known for its connections to the auto industry, but its beautiful shorelines and proximity to Great Lakes are the true gem of this state. With its well-known colleges, rich history, and distinct culture, those who reside in Michigan love calling it home. With its capital city Detroit being a major hub for the automotive industry, Michigan holds significant economic relevance and is a proud state.

When looking for grocery store displays Michigan grocery store owners can count on LemonTree Products to bring them high-quality solutions that enhance their store. We work with you to design grocery display tables and racks that improve the appearance of your store while also increasing its functionality. As a leading manufacturer of produce displays Michigan, and North America wide, you can depend on us.

Contact us today and make finding the best produce display for sale in Michigan simple.

Table Accessories

A table is not complete without the proper accessories. We offer a wide range of products designed to perfectly fit your LemonTree table. Whether you are looking for a bag holder, upper shelf, protective edge bumper, banana riser or acrylic dividers, we have a solution for you. Learn More.

LemonTree Colors

At LemonTree Products, we pride ourselves on designing visually attractive tables that compliment the produce that you provide. We are able to match up to 16 million colors to compliment whatever shades your specific store uses... but here are a few of our favourites!

Our most popular colors


Other customer favorites

Baby Blueberry

Bumper Colors

LemonTree protective edge bumpers are a fantastic way to protect your table investment. Available in a wide range of colours, bumpers can be used to accent your brand's colours or blend in as a neutral tone. Below are some of our regularily stocked colors.


LemonTree Features

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Produce Display Tables FAQ

Michigan grocery store owners know that food safety and cleanliness is essential. Our produce displays make it easier to keep your store clean. Made from aerospace-grade materials that provide and smooth, waterproof surface, our displays won’t promote the growth of mould or bacteria. You’ll enjoy increased productivity with our displays that are easy to wipe down and sanitize.

If you are working with a small space, you may be concerned that produce display tables won’t work for your store. We offer a personalized solution to making the most of your store with our modular design. Let us show you the difference our produce display tables can make in creating a beautiful and easy-to-shop produce department.

Eliminating excess clutter helps to keep your store beautiful and accessible. At LemonTree Products, we design our produce displays with functionality in mind. Make the most of your store with storage available underneath or above table surfaces. Our produce display solutions truly transform your store.


Contact Us Today!

Benefit from our years of experience! LemonTree Products offers no-obligation, free design consultation services to all current and prospective customers. Give us a call so we can discuss your produce display needs and potential design solutions to fit your space and budget. Whether you have a store layout or want to update your produce section, we can help!

Whether you have a full floorplan from an architect, or a pen sketch on a napkin, we work with you to design a floorplan that uses LemonTree tables to get you the best results for your store. Send us any layout or details you have and our in-house designers will work with our engineers to get the best results for your store.