Should Your Grocery Store Have a Deli?

Should Your Grocery Store Have a Deli

If you are considering opening a grocery store or are looking for ways to improve a store you already own, you might wonder if opening a deli within the store is a good idea. Though there are many factors that may influence your decision to have a deli in your store, there is no doubt that having one can offer substantial benefits while also helping your store be the preferred store of your customers. However, it’s important to be clear about the vision of your deli when considering whether or not it is the right choice for your store.

At LemonTree Products, we are a leading manufacturer of grocery table displays and fruit tables and are passionate about the design of produce display shelving and table systems. We know that a deli counter can be a great addition to your grocery store. In this post, we discuss some of the reasons why you might wish to consider adding a deli to your store, including cost considerations and why having one is valuable to your customers.

Why Have a Deli Can Help Your Grocery Store Stand Out

When you own a small grocery store, you’re likely always looking for ways in which to improve the appeal of your store. The addition of a deli department is one way in which your grocery store can attract customers, enhance the atmosphere of your store, and encourage customers to spend more time in your produce department.

Depending on the vision of your store, you could consider adding a deli that caters to those looking for practical and affordable lunch meats or focus on high-quality or specialty meats that are hard to find at other stores. A deli opens endless possibilities and can help your store be the top choice for your target market. For more information on the costs associated with owning a grocery store, see our post, How Do Grocery Stores Make Money?

How Much Does It Cost to Open a Deli?

If you are looking to add a deli to your grocery store and are wondering how much of an investment it will be, you may be surprised to learn it is relatively affordable. Though there are some upfront costs, such as deli refrigerators, slicers, and renovations to your space, the addition of a deli can be rewarding. Once you have the basics in place, hiring staff and maintaining your deli department can easily be worked out. The cost of opening a deli can vary based on the size and scale of your deli. However, if adding a deli on a budget is your goal, this certainly can be achieved.

How to Open a Deli Business That Your Customers Will Love

When looking into how to open a deli grocery store, owners will need to consider where they would like the deli to be as well as the types of products your deli will carry. Some grocery stores incorporate hot counters and cold salad bars into their deli, while others stick to a classic deli style offering sliced meats and cheese. The type of deli you open will depend on the layout of your store and any space limitations you may have.
If you have determined that a deli is something you would like to incorporate into your grocery store, you may also wish to consider improving your produce department. It is common for deli counters to be located in produce departments, and as such, your customers will spend time in the produce department before, after, or while waiting for deli service. A simple way to improve both the functionality and appeal of your produce department is with produce display tables and racks.

Contact a member of our team today to learn more about how produce display systems can transform your store and also see our post, Maximizing Profit with These Effective Produce Merchandising Tips.