As a grocery store owner or manager, there is a seemingly never-ending list of things to be concerned about. Though with the right systems implemented, pain points of operating a grocery store can be reduced or improved for a better staff and customer experience. Sometimes even seemingly small tweaks such as improved produce display tables can make a world of a difference for your store.

At LemonTree Products, we are a leading manufacturer of grocery table displays and fruit tables. We regularly hear from our customers about their biggest issues in grocery stores and help them develop solutions to make their stores more attractive to their customers and functional too. In this post, we look at some of the biggest issues in grocery stores and break down how improved produce display racks can help to solve them.

Produce Shrink and Loss of Inventory – produce shrink and loss of inventory are one of the top concerns of grocery store owners. Our post, How to Reduce Produce Shrink, offers insight into how to reduce this costly issue. Consider that reducing produce shrink is a team effort, and having adequate training and equipment can go a long toward helping you limit this problem.

Accessibility and Ease of Shopping In-Store – customers will go out of their way to shop in a store that they enjoy being in. From being easy to get around in to having a pleasant and welcoming appearance, the atmosphere of your store is a problem for some grocery store owners. However, this is also your opportunity to stand out from your competition. Book a free design consultation to see how an accessible and welcoming store can draw your customers in and keep them shopping longer.

Staff and Customer Safety – the safety of both staff and customers is paramount in creating trust and loyalty for both customers and staff. By creating an accessible and easy to shop store with adequate produce display shelving, you create a safer space for your customers. Having easy-to-clean and organized spaces helps keep your store sanitary and simplified for staff and customers.

Though there are many grocery store issues that owners and managers will have to navigate, having a welcoming and easy-to-shop produce department can set the tone for your customer’s shopping experience. Lean into creating a space that your customers will want to be in, and some of the more challenging grocery store issues will be alleviated.