From the Experts: Insider Tips for Running a Highly Successful Produce Department

As a customer, you know there is no doubt that walking into a beautiful and inviting produce department sets the tone of your shopping experience. As a grocery store owner, knowing how to create a welcome and easy-to-shop space can sometimes feel like a challenge. Learning how to run a produce department is essential for any small grocery store owner who wants to stand out from their competition, yet, there are many variables to keep in mind.

At LemonTree Products, we are a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality produce display systems. We know that your produce department is an opportunity to make your grocery store the one that customers seek out over others. In this post, we offer tips to grocery store owners wondering, how do I run a produce department? With the right processes and produce display shelving and tables, learning how to run a successful produce department is simple.

Create a Welcoming Space that is Accessible

Many small grocery store owners turn to “B grade” produce to provide their customers with the most competitive pricing. When selling this type of produce it is important to utilize display systems to highlight the natural beauty of the produce by having stocked shelves and a clean and accessible layout. Produce display stands and produce display racks can go a long way toward improving the overall appearance and atmosphere of your store. Our post, How to Display Produce in a Grocery Store, offers additional information on making the most of your produce department through display methods.

Rotate Products and Focus on Reducing Produce Shrink

A barrier to running a successful produce department is produce shrink. Either through spoilage or damage, profits can easily get eaten up without proper care and attention within your produce department. Many grocery store owners are curious about how much labor is needed to run a produce department. They should be happy to know that excess staffing isn’t always the answer to reducing produce shrink. Instead, focusing on training and management can be key. Our post, How to Reduce Produce Shrink, fills you in on the best ways you can reign in produce shrink in your grocery store.

Carry the Produce Your Customers Want to See

Beyond adequate staffing, training, and displays, simply having the products your customers want to see can go a long way toward running a successful produce department. Lean into the seasonal needs of your community and the traditional foods that they want to see. For example, you may want your produce tables in New York City to be stocked full with Apples in the late spring and fall given their fantastic microclimate for apple growing. By having what your customers want, you will be a top choice for daily produce needs. Your produce department offers endless opportunities to show your customers why they should shop in your store, and utilize a variety of strategies to make the most of your produce department.

Running a successful produce department doesn’t have to be complicated. If you are looking to improve the produce department in your grocery store, book a free design consultation with LemonTree Products today. We look forward to showing you how your space can be transformed to make it more profitable for you and more attractive to your customers.